Vienna Magnetics Group

Vienna Magnetics Group

Vienna Magnetics Group

Academic Society for Applied Magnetism

TU Wien
A-1040 Vienna, Austria

Research Group H.Pfützner

The research group

Edin MULASALIHOVIC, Dr. (analyses, CV)
Helmut PFÜTZNER, Prof. (analyses & modelling, CV)
Georgi SHILYASHKI, Dr. (magnetostriction & modelling, CV)

Experiments & Computing
Gerald Trenner / Markus Giefing / Emanuel Huber /
Haris Dolovcic / Dominik Prerovsky

Completed projects

FWF Project: Saturation Effects of Power Transformer Cores Caused by Geomagnetic Storms


Why to study magnetism?


Basic measurements

by means of high-field electromagnet, on bar/cylinder samples

by means of advanced Epstein tester, on strip samples

by means of rotational single sheet tester on plate samples

Model core investigations

Magnetic sensors

Specific current research work

Examples of apparatus

Rotational single sheet tester for the generation of exactly defined 2-dimensional magnetization patterns
Transformer model core for the study of 3-dimensional interactions of individual packages
High-energy magnet for optical observation of material deformations due to strong static fields
Combined 3D/2D printer for automatic manufacturing of thin sensors including amorphous soft-magnetic ribbons

Examples of results

Domains under the influence of off-plane field components
Rhombic rotational magnetization patterns in a T-joint region
2-dimensional distribution of power losses in a model transformer core
Instantaneous stray field configuration under the influence of DC bias

Selected recent publications

H.Pfützner, E.Mulasalihovic, H.Yamaguchi, D.Sabic, G.Shilyashki, F.Hofbauer: Rotational magnetization in transformer cores – A review. IEEE Trans. Magn. 47, 4523‐ 4533 (2011)

H.Pfützner, G.Shilyashki, F.Hofbauer (Guest Eds.): Proc. 12th Int. WS 1&2‐Dimensional Magnetic Measurement & Testing. In: J.Appl.Electrom.Mech. 44, Nos. 3,4 (2014)

G.Shilyashki, H.Pfützner, J.Anger, K.Gramm, F.Hofbauer, V.Galabov, E.Mulasalihovic: Magnetostriction of transformer core steel considering rotational magnetization. IEEE Trans. Magn.50, 8400115, 1‐15 (2014)

V.Galabov, H.Pfützner, G.Shilyashki, H.Yamaguchi, Y.Okazaki, S.Arrai: Domain reconstructions of g.o. SiFe during rotational magnetization with DC bias. J.Appl. Electrom. Mech. 44, 417‐428 (2014)

F.Hofbauer, H.Pfützner, G.Shilyashki, D.Sabic, E.Mulasalihovic, V.Galabov: Rise‐of‐temperature method for building factor distribution in 1‐phase model transformer core interior considering high DC bias. J.Appl.Electrom.Mech.44, 349‐354 (2014)

H.Pfützner, G.Shilyashki, P.Hamberger, M.Aigner, F.Hofauer, M.Palkovits, E.Gerstbauer, I.Matkovic, V.Galabov: Automatic 3‐dimensional building factor analysis of a grain oriented model transformer core. IEEE Trans.Magn.50, 8400 604, 1‐4 (2014)

G.Shilyashki, H.Pfützner, P.Hamberger, M.Aigner, F.Hofbauer, I.Matkovic, A.Kenov: The impact of off‐plane flux on losses and magnetostriction of transformer core steel. IEEE Trans.Magn. 50-11 (2014)

G.Shilyashki, H.Pfützner, E.Gerstbauer, G.Trenner, P.Hamberger, M.Aigner: Numerical prediction of rhombic rotational magnetization patterns in a transformer core package. IEEE Trans.Magn., DOI: 10.1109/TMAG.2015.2470217, (2015)


Acknowledgements for funds

Thanks for current funding go to

  • Austrian Science Funds FWF
  • Austrian Research Promotion Agency FFG / BRIDGE

Cooperation partners

with common publications

  • ABB Transformers (Ludvika, Sweden)
  • JFE Steel Corporation (Kawasaki, Japan)
  • Nippon Steel Corporation (Chiyoda, Japan)
  • Siemens Transformers (Linz, Austria)
  • ThyssenKrupp Steel (Gelsenkirchen, Germany)

Teaching activities

Bachelor theses, diploma theses, doctor theses
(all with grants, within research projects)

Lectures - “Applied Magnetism”,
“Basics and application of super-conductivity”(in German)